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A good number of motorists get pulled over every day by the police for driving under the influence of the alcohol. Even though these charges may seem small, they have huge implications in your personal and professional life. A DWI crime is going to reflect whenever a background check is done about you in the future, and it limits you from accessing many things. It is crucial that you contact your attorney from the time you get pulled over by the police and they are going to come and ensure your rights are properly safeguarded, and the right process is followed. Calling an attorney from this firm will guarantee your safety when you are in custody and they will fight for you not to land in jail. DWI arrests will make your driver’s license get suspended which is not something one would want for themselves.

More to the suspension of the driver’s license, the victims are going to spend thousands of dollars to come out of that situation. People must have at least the most basic knowledge on how to deal with the situation when they are pulled over. Having this basic knowledge is crucial because you will know how to reach when you are pulled over, know your rights when under the authority of the officer to prevent them from intimidating you. The police usually pull motorists over in most DWI cases. The DWI case starts when you are stopped by the police and later notice that you are under the influence of something. The officer is going to interrogate you to look for signs of being under the influence of anything.

During interrogation at the stopover, officers look at the appearance of the eyes and smell of alcohol. Slurred speech is also an indicator of intoxication. If the officer is convinced that you are intoxicated, they proceed to place you under arrest and take you to the nearest police station.

The first test upon arriving at the police station is the breath test. The police will test your breath and blood samples seeking to find out your level of intoxication. In case you refuse to give them these samples, they threaten that your driver’s license will be revoked. The samples are tested, and if they turn positive, they proceed to prepare your paperwork to take you to jail. When you get arrested, you must call an attorney from our offices, and they will respond fast to the scene or the police station to oversee the arrest and the release clearance process. These attorneys will protect your rights from being abused by the police as they do their duties. They will guarantee that your safety is upheld and that you get justice and keep your name clean.

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