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The Benefits that Come with Consumption of Turmeric

Turmeric has been used over the years especially by Indians as a spice and to a large extent for medicinal purposes. The substance normally colors food and it is it that normally gives curry its yellow color, curry being common makes it right to conclude that turmeric is well known. What many may not know is that besides its coloration, turmeric powder has far much more importance. Indians say they have known for long that this powder has medicinal functions and they have utilized it for this reason. The benefits of turmeric powder have been provided here to ensure that the people who have not known about its usefulness understand it too.

Turmeric powder is useful medically for its characteristic of being an anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation is an important immune response that the body employs in prevention of bacterial infections among others. Longer periods of inflammation are no longer to the body’s benefit but leads to significant damage of body tissues as an effect of stretching that occurs in the process. The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric powder is caused by a chemical called as curcumin that it contains but in little amounts. Consumption of this powder will therefore reduce the risk of harmful inflammation to its consumers.

The chemical component of turmeric powder called curcumin is also useful in the body for its antioxidant effect. The human body carries out metabolic processes that often release reactive oxygen species that are harmful to us. There are mechanisms by which the body neutralizes these radicals in order to reduce or completely eliminate the risks that they pose to the body tissues. Intake of turmeric powder provides curcumin that has antioxidant properties that work in conjugation with the body’s own system to eliminate the radicals that would otherwise cause damage. One of the effects that these radicals have is damage of genetic material and this poses s lot of risk of mutations occurring and most of them normally affect the body functioning. With intake of turmeric powder, it is easier to evade the effects of radicals.

Curcumin also has another great effect on the endothelial walls of blood vessels and this property makes it a good prevented of heart diseases. It is important to note that heart diseases are a leading cause of death, curcumin by working through the blood vessels maintains their integrity to prevent heart malfunction. The prevention of heart diseases is not only mediated through blood vessels but also through the anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin that is present in turmeric powder. There are yet more other benefits of turmeric powder and this is a good reason why we should use it more often.

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