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Benefits of Independent Bartending

Bartenders are the heart of service in an event. You can see this in the progression of the day or night as people move from food to more drinks. They decide how well the event shall conclude, whether it is a corporate or social one. There is, therefore, every reason for you to know how to bartend well in events like weddings. There are so many of them coming up, but mostly for those ready.

One major thing you will need before you can begin your bartending career is to know how to bartend with proficiency. You need to have gone through bartending training, as well as gathered some experience in the same. Where you have no training, you will not be allowed to get any experience. And without the experience, no one will hire you. Experience counts for a lot in this industry, but it only comes once you have the training people need to see before allowing you to bartend. You will have to go through a bartending school. This training shall impact skills that you need to consistently produce drinks and at a high-quality level. You then need to have the right tools for the job. Every bartender has their preferred bartending kit, which you need to buy and care for. You can check out this collection.

When you are being contracted for a bartending job at a wedding, for example, you will have to state your price. Some bartenders go with a flat rate per hour for their services. Others lean more towards the seasonality and type of event. It is important to research first the market in the area, and to look at each specific event hiring, before settling in a given price. You can even discuss with fellow bartenders to know what your competition would ask. You need to however make sure that you do not undermine your service. As much as you think you will get more gigs, you will only end up looking cheap and unprofessional. Those who charge higher always come across as uncompromising professionals, who end up with more of the jobs on offer.

Bartending at events shall come with other benefits. For one, it is a flexible career to get into. You can get to gigs you are ready to work through, as opposed to formal employment where you have to be present no matter your disposition. You will also make more money. The hourly rates tend to produce more money in a month than what a monthly salary can give you. It shall be more fun to attend and serve in different events all the time. This is also how you launch your own business and keep that sense of independence.

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