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Why Core Aeration is Important

If you want to have a healthy, thick lawn, it is important to you do core aeration. If thatch growth is abundant in your lawn then core aeration or core cultivation helps to reduce it. Regular core aeration will help your turf roots get the essential elements of air, water, and fertilizer. If you hire lawn care services, then you can get the most of their services by aerating your lawn.

Thatch which is actually a layer of dead and living stems, blades and roots build up on the lawn will sometimes be visible in your well-maintained lawn. If you have some thatch on your lawn, it does not really matter. The problem starts if the thatch layer grows taller and then this will matter. Insects are attracted to thatch and it can also easily bring lawn disease. The plugs of soil that are removed during core aeration are deposited above the thatch. Plugs then begin to melt back into the lawn and mixes with the thatch that makes it decompose fast. You can then manage thatch easily through regular lawn core aeration.

Turf roots can then easily reach the food and water that they need when there is core aeration. The root system of your lawn will then become deeper and stronger. If you have healthy roots through core aeration, then you can expect a thicker and healthier lawn.

It is natural for heavy clay soil to become compacted as time goes by. Particles of clay soil are small and tightly packed with little space for water, air and root movement. Your grass will have a hard time growing deep roots since the soil it tight and the roots will have to fight for room to grow. Core aeration helps to relax and expand the soil. With core aeration, it will then be possible for roots to penetrate deeper and further. Your soil will become softer and more open with regular core aeration. Core aeration then is one of the best ways that you can improve and grow your lawn.

In summary, we can say that you can have you thatch be under control if you do core aeration regularly. This reduces the need for an expensive renovation. Your turf roots will be able to easily get air, water, and fertilizer if core aeration provides growth zones for capturing air, water, and fertilizer. If soil is compacted, lawns become thing, but it can be opened for better growth with core aeration.

Finding the best company that provides core aeration services is an important thing to do. The best company that provides core aeration services will be able to provide you with a beautiful lawn that is thick and healthy. With regular core aeration, your lawn will be the envy of those living around you.

Why not learn more about Gardeners?

Why not learn more about Gardeners?