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Some Very Important Information about Sealcoating of Asphalt Paving that You Should Know

When dealing with asphalt, it’s inevitable to have cracks and potholes. When you neglect to seal your facilities, asphalt pavement can lead to the accelerated cracking which will reduce the service life of the pavements. It is possible for asphalt pavement to have a degraded effect in case of either dry or freezing weather. There are some environmental causes that can crack and spoil the asphalt and they include vehicle traffic, tree roots, oil, gas, litter and sand. You need to be aware that the pparking zones which are well maintained with services such as sweeping regularly, filling the cracks, repairs done on potholes and sealcoating can have a longer life than those that do not get such services.

It is important for you to know that with sealcoating you will not have to repair asphalt many times. It helps prevent or limit oxidation of asphalt. It improves the look of asphalt pavement, it helps stop weather damage by weatherizing asphalt. It also helps asphalt to resist damage from oil, gas and salt. Once sealcoating has been completed at the right time having been applied properly and at the right timing and also the cracks being filled and asphalt repaired, they can have an increased pavement life. It is important for you to ensure that you use high quality sealcoating materials and also ensure that they are installed properly so that your parking zone can be free from oil, traffic wear and the weather.

Cracks can start to form in the asphalt in case the asphalt is not properly seal coated which can then bring about potholes. Many of the asphalt pavements need to be coated every two or three years which is dependent on your environment. For you to get the best aout of the sealcoating, it is important for you to hire an expert. For you to come up with sealcoating cost, you will require a lot more than just calculating figures based on square footage. Among the variables that determine the sealcoating to be used include potholes to be repaired, number of cracks to be filled, number of coats required and how much handwork that is required.

The paving contractor should come to your commercial facility to inspect the area that needs to be sealcoated and give you a quote for the necessary work required. Even though the main use of asphalt is to prevent the asphalt from deteriorating, it can also be used for beautifying the parking lot. All the cracks that might be present should be sealed before sealcoating so that the cracks can be kept off completely. If the cracks are not well filled, water will get in and then cause damage to the asphalt pavement.

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